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The "30" Club

Today on this day 30 years a girl was born. That girl was me. 

It has been a quite day to myself. I got up around 7:45 to my alarm that is in the form of a 2 1/2 year old. Dropped Rhys off at daycare and then stopped on the way home at Jamba Juice for my favorite Acai Super-antioxidant and a apple cinnamon pretzel.

I sat on the couch for about an hour figuring out what we needed from the grocery store and just relaxed before hopping into the shower. Places around here don’t open until 9-10am. I didn’t want to be the one waiting outside for a place to open.

My first task was to head over to JoAnn Fabric to pick up my birthday gift. OMG I was soooooo excited that I decided on this because I originally wanted a new digital camera but since I’m waiting for the iPhone in February and Steve has a really awesome camera on his phone this was by far a very close 2nd choice. Ok, you ready…..


The only serger I have been able to use before making this purchase is my friend Melissa’s. With her busy life and mine it was getting harder and harder to get together and sew let alone hangout. She is my crafting better-half . So I was super happy to get one of these for my own. Now I can finish my reusable grocery bags all in one sitting and really cut corners with this new addition to my crafting family.

BTW, I love the Singer brand. When I opened the box to tackle the threading of this bad boy, I was remembering all those times my friend Melissa would go through the task of threading her machine. I was a little scared but was surprised to find that the machine was already threaded with 4 small spools of white thread. There was even a piece of fabric for testing. I still too the time to go through the manual while I ate lunch but I’m forever loyal to Singer. They make a great product.

Here is the complete family;

I’m just sooooo happy that in the just over a year of sewing I was able to acquire a sewing machine for Christmas and now a serger for my birthday present. I like to thank my loving husband and parents for their financial contributions to this very happy day.

After I got some more supplies (serger thread and a ruler) I headed over to the local nail salon to get a mani/pedi. It was so nice. To complete the morning I did some grocery shopping. I find it easier to do it by myself because (#1) I don’t get as much and (#2) there isn’t more then one person adding to the basket with impulse items.

The day isn’t over. I still have what my husband as planned for this evening to still encounter. I’ll add the details to that tomorrow. I just had to show off my birthday present.