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Darin’s First Smile.

I noticed yesterday after feeding Darin his morning bottle that he was staring at me. So I took the opportunity to talk to him and he suddenly started smiling. This wasn’t a gas smile either. He was looking at me and just smiling. It was so cute. So after this mornings bottle I took some pictures of those cute smiles.

This one is my favorite.



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Blog make-over…

I needed to update the look of my blog.

After sitting around for the last month getting better, used to a newborn and watching movies and on demand, I’m ready to get out. I’m going to start working out to get back in shape now that I’m done having all my babies. I’m in research mode on what exactly I want to do and I saw a co-worker today that really inspired me to take a deeper look into what she’s been doing. In 4 months she’s lost almost 40 pounds. She looks awesome.

Ok, Darin is starting to wake up. It’s lunch time!

I’ll be posting more now that I have my energy again.

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The Shenanigans of a 3-year-old.

So far in my adventures in parenting I have had a few accidents with Hays that were cute and some that really made me mad but this is what I have to deal with and I take each experience and prep my house for less accidents but they still somehow happen.

This morning I was upstairs getting ready for the day since my newborn son slept through the night I actually got some sleep myself and decided to take a quick shower. Hays was in his room watching his morning cartoons and Darin was sleeping peacefully in his bed. When I was getting dressed I heard clanking of glass downstairs and just assumed that Hays was playing with an empty bowl or the salt container since I did leave it pretty close to the edge of the counter. I prepared myself to find salt all over the counter and Hays.

When I came down stairs my first reaction was “ah crap”, this was going to be much worse than I had anticipated. I came downstairs to find egg shells all over the floor and the chair that Hays was standing on. My magazine covered in egg shells and drops of raw egg. Then I noticed that there were two plastic cups and a spoon on the counter with egg all over them and when I looked in the cups there was raw eggs mixed up in them. The top to the carton of eggs was ripped off and from what I noticed there were only two eggs missing. Where did all the egg shells come from though?

As I was putting the carton of eggs away I noticed that Hays had peeled two hard boiled eggs (ah, that’s where they came from) that I made myself and put them back in the bowl they were in and then put them back into the fridge, then he must have pulled out the raw eggs and started playing with those.

I stop for a minute, turned around and just looked at this situation and realized that this wasn’t that bad of a mess. Hays was scared and getting in that I’m-going to-cry-because-my-mommy-is-going-to-be-mad-at-me pose… but I didn’t. The only thing that I was really upset about was that he was playing in the fridge. So I gave him that “no-no” talk along with “help mommy clean up” because he got to use the dust buster to clean up the egg shells while I ripped off the cover of the magazine, wiped the counter down and poured the raw egg out. Then I did a once over on Hays to see if I had to change his shirt and to my surprise he was spotless. His hands just needed washing but that was the extent of him. Wow, I think I have a little chef on my hands.

I’ll admit that we haven’t cooked together much since I‘Ave had Darin and I wonder if he was having withdrawals and decided to take it upon himself to cook. He does like to watch Barefoot Contests and Everyday Italian with me but I never expected this. I think I might have to buy a lock for the fridge now so when I go take a shower or go upstairs I can at least be reassured that he won’t get into the fridge.

Message received!

Ah, parenting. This is what I signed up for.

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Where has the time gone….

It’s February but it doesn’t seem like it. January took forever to get through. Things seem to be moving at a snails pace for me right now.

I’m eating cheerios for dinner tonight because that’s all I want and texting local family members about dinner Sunday to celebrate the February birthdays (my Stepmother Nancy, Rhys and SIL Sara). 

I have a cold and I’m sick of coughing. 

I haven’t sewn in months because I’m so tired when it hits 8pm. All the energy I have these days get sucked up in a job that I love and my family.

I think about Darin (my unborn son) all the time and I wonder what he will look like.

Rhys is going to be 3 Saturday and we were supposed to go to Disneyland but because of he rain we have to go to Chuck ‘e’ Cheese instead. The good thing about that is he won’t know the difference, I’ll get to see my friend Melissa and her family and it isn’t going to be a planned event. People can come and go, eat if they want and just watch as my son has a blast.

I want to go to an aquarium and just sit and watch the fish swim. Maybe have the camera with me and play around.

I want to do some digital scrapbooking and finally use the stuff I have collected over the months.

I found out today that my school loan payments don’t start up until April when I thought they started November 2008 and my address was wrong so I never got any bills. But my address is correct and I get to even lower my payments to something that we can manage.

I want a Curves or YMCA membership after I have Darin so I can loose the baby weight as well as the extra weight I have been carrying around the last few years. No New Year’s resolutions. It’s just something that I want to do.

I can’t wait until my friend Anna comes back to San Diego.

I’m going to miss my cousin Erin when she moves to North Carolina to be with her hubby. The good thing is that I can start up the pen pal thing we used to do when we were kids.

I can’t wait to get my iPhone. I have to wait until July. Bummer!

I just gave Rhys the last bite of my Cheerios, took my prenatal vitamin and rinsed out my bowl.

I have so many pod casts of CraftyPod to listen to. If I had my iPhone I Could download them to it and listen to it in the car as I sit in traffic.

I’m reading Breaking Dawn again because I’m still in shock about how bad Twilight the movie was.

I need a new series to read. I don’t want to reread Anne Rice books again.

I’m going to go over to to see if they have a February calendar background I can download and put on my desktop. I’ll post what picture I pick for it.

I actually already went there. Here is what it will look like.

I’m going to go find my camera and see if there are any pictures that I haven’t downloaded.

Then I’m going to upload some more of me. I need to change my profile pictures at Facebook and Myspace.

Good night. Stay dry my fellow Southern Californians.

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New Blog out There

Hey strangers….

First off I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I have been really busy with work and family that I really haven’t had a chance to play on the computer like I would like to.

But I wanted to mention that I’m apart of a group of Etsy gals who sell their ware and I’m a huge supporter of LOCAL handmade items. I have been bad but I plan to make more of an effort in 2009.

San Diego East County Etsy Team is the group name. So go support your local ETSY sellers.

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Twilight Director Canned.

Wow, that was surprising news. I wonder if it was because she let the story get butchered and not a lot of fans liked what was created. Even though we all went to see it. Of course the gossip is spreading over the internet right now with why she isn’t coming back.

Now I’m interested to see what they do. Will they combine the 2nd and 3rd books into one movie or will they make an effort to take New Moon the book and really capture the friendship developed between Bella and Jacob after Edwards breaks up with Bella?

This fan of the books is interested and I blogged about it.