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A new tote for me.

Just wanted to post some pictures of a cool tote I made last night. I know it’s been a while since I have posted. I’m sorry!

I have been working full time and taking care of family. But now that I have new sewing machine I’m going to start cranking out new bags. On that note, I have some scarves up in the shop and I’m going to get my yellow totes up soon. Look for those!

Here are the pictures of my new tote:


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Checking In


It’s been 2 weeks since I have done anything. The first week was spent wondering if I was going to evacuate with my family and the 2nd week was spent working full time. I also spent some time working on another project idea for the shop. I had purchased some resin a few months ago and wanted to work on something that I thought up after seeing it on a television show. It was using recycled items to made functional items. I had been collecting tops to containers and after collecting enough I cut out scrapbook paper to fit inside each top and poured resin in the tops. I plan to convert them into magnets and coasters. I’m really happy how they have turned out so far. I just need to get a few supplies to complete and put them up on the shop.

Here are a few pictures of they look like:

I plan on getting back into the sewing this week since I’ll have 2 days off in a row.
until then.

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San Diego Fires

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that my family and I are doing good. We are in El Cajon and have fires east of us that would be a threat if the winds change. As of right now we are prepared to get packing if we need to. I have all the important documents in one spot so I don’t have to search for it if I have to leave my home.

I took a video from outside my house this morning of the fires in Springfield. That’s about 20+ miles from us. We are staying alert.

you can catch the video on my myspace.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

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A lot of surprises

Hey guys,
I have been busy working on new designs and getting what fabric I already have transformed into bags.

Exciting news….
I opened the shop on I’m so excited. I haven’t gotten a sale yet but I’m still working on advertising but I was successful today while my son was sleeping to get the myspace page for DJD up. So with the exposure from that I hope it will help.

The myspace page:

The Shop:

If you have a myspace show some love and add the shop’s myspace page as your friend.
ok, back to the design stuff.

I decided to modify the design of the tote because I found I was using too much fabric and found another way to maximize the fabric I have. So after I finish up with the Forrest green bags I’m going to start the new design with the yellow bags.

I also created a design for a diaper bag that the made for a friend of mine who is having a baby. It came out really well and with all the positive feedback I got at the party I’m going to add that to the line of bags. I think I’ll add some patter fabrics to the line as well as solid colors. That line isn’t going to see been seen on the shop until I finish the other bags I already have cut and ready to be put together.

Let’s see…..anything else……oh, I made some really cute pouches out of a pair of jeans that my step-mother gave me. I have that up at the shop now. Here are a few pics.

ok, that’s it for now. Talk to you soon.

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Checking In

Hi Guys,

I just finished up with school. My last class took up all the free time I had so I wasn’t able to really sew like I wanted to the last 2 weeks. But school is now over and I have completed 4 bags and I’m half way done with two more bags. When I get them finished I will open the boutique. I’m really excited and I can’t wait.

I’ll check in later.

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A New Bag

OK, remember yesterday when I told you about a new bag that I was making. Well I finished it tonight and it turned out sooooo cool.

Halloween inspired me to make it and when I saw it at the fabric store I couldn’t pass up the deal. It’s skull and cross bones denim for the outside and cute skeletons for the lining. I made it a standard tote. No inside pockets and one handle and there is a magnetic clasp.

Here are some pictures.