The title says enough!

The Shenanigans of a 3-year-old.

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So far in my adventures in parenting I have had a few accidents with Hays that were cute and some that really made me mad but this is what I have to deal with and I take each experience and prep my house for less accidents but they still somehow happen.

This morning I was upstairs getting ready for the day since my newborn son slept through the night I actually got some sleep myself and decided to take a quick shower. Hays was in his room watching his morning cartoons and Darin was sleeping peacefully in his bed. When I was getting dressed I heard clanking of glass downstairs and just assumed that Hays was playing with an empty bowl or the salt container since I did leave it pretty close to the edge of the counter. I prepared myself to find salt all over the counter and Hays.

When I came down stairs my first reaction was “ah crap”, this was going to be much worse than I had anticipated. I came downstairs to find egg shells all over the floor and the chair that Hays was standing on. My magazine covered in egg shells and drops of raw egg. Then I noticed that there were two plastic cups and a spoon on the counter with egg all over them and when I looked in the cups there was raw eggs mixed up in them. The top to the carton of eggs was ripped off and from what I noticed there were only two eggs missing. Where did all the egg shells come from though?

As I was putting the carton of eggs away I noticed that Hays had peeled two hard boiled eggs (ah, that’s where they came from) that I made myself and put them back in the bowl they were in and then put them back into the fridge, then he must have pulled out the raw eggs and started playing with those.

I stop for a minute, turned around and just looked at this situation and realized that this wasn’t that bad of a mess. Hays was scared and getting in that I’m-going to-cry-because-my-mommy-is-going-to-be-mad-at-me pose… but I didn’t. The only thing that I was really upset about was that he was playing in the fridge. So I gave him that “no-no” talk along with “help mommy clean up” because he got to use the dust buster to clean up the egg shells while I ripped off the cover of the magazine, wiped the counter down and poured the raw egg out. Then I did a once over on Hays to see if I had to change his shirt and to my surprise he was spotless. His hands just needed washing but that was the extent of him. Wow, I think I have a little chef on my hands.

I’ll admit that we haven’t cooked together much since I‘Ave had Darin and I wonder if he was having withdrawals and decided to take it upon himself to cook. He does like to watch Barefoot Contests and Everyday Italian with me but I never expected this. I think I might have to buy a lock for the fridge now so when I go take a shower or go upstairs I can at least be reassured that he won’t get into the fridge.

Message received!

Ah, parenting. This is what I signed up for.


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