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Twilight the Movie…Bummer (spoiler alert).

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I was really excited this week to go see Twilight. From hearing all the buzz on TV and reading online how there is going to be a huge turn out for all movie times I though it best to purchase my ticket Tuesday and get to the theatre early.

Here comes Friday. I get to the theatre an hour early. Pick up lunch, do a quick trip to the ladies room and then proceed to get my ticket and then my seat. By the time this was all done I only wasted 20 minutes. This was a perfect time for me to eat and just relax in my well picked out sit before the movie started. I had some entertainment though. There were 6 girls sitting in the row in front of me talking when 4 of them got up to leave (doing what, I don’t know) when I noticed that they were all wearing Edward Cullen shirts and Twilight jackets. Oh lord. As time went my I noticed others with their twilight shirts come in and sit down. A few singles came in (like myself) and then the preview started…and now the movie.

The movie….I wasn’t impressed. It was a really poor adaption of the book. I felt like I was watching it on full screen and missing all the important parts that I would have gotten on wide screen. It just felt like they showed the highlights of the book and really didn’t shape the characters like the book did. For this being the fist movie they really didn’t end it that way. In the book Edward breaks up with Bella. In the movie they end it at the prom and they are kissing. Victoria is there with a look of revenge but that doesn’t happen until the 3rd book. Are they going to combine book 2 & 3 for the 2nd movie and really screw up what Stephanie Meyer mastered in the books? That will be a huge bummer. It’s been done before and I didn’t like it then (Anne Rice – The Vampire Lestate and Queen of the Damned).

What happened to the relationship between Bella and her Dad? A few meals at the diner (movie) really doesn’t establish anything as compared to the meals Bella would make for them at home (book). The intro of Billy and Jacob is farther into the book but they are the ones who bring Bella her truck in the movie. Um, Bella’s Dad had the truck waiting when they arrived in the beginning of the book and Bella doesn’t see Jacob until they go to La Push.  

I will say that they got Edwards reaction when Bella walks into Biology class for the first time right on the money and then again when Bella walks into the admin office and see’s Edwards trying to get out of the class. Now that’s what happened in the book.

I think now that I have seen this movie I’m going to stay far away from any others that get made because I have a feeling that the rest of the movies are going to get butchered like this one did. New writers and a new studio need to take over and really give it a chance to match at least 80% of the books.



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