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Pumpkin Carving 2008

It’s that time of year when The Joneses carve their pumpkin for Halloween. It was a group effort this time because Rhys wasn’t grossed out by the pumpkin guts like he was last year.

Since I was so successful with my pumpkin at work I decided to make the “big brother” of my winning pumpkin.

Here are the pictures:

The best part about this time of year when carving pumpkins is roasting the seeds of the pumpkin. I even did it at work.


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Another mention over at Craftypod.

I was checking out some sites I haven’t visited in a while at lunch yesterday and was surprised to find that  a picture of  my first successful necktie bag that Sister Diane bought from me was on her site again. It was an intro picture to her latest podcast about crafting with neckties. Go check it out, as always it’s a great podcast with great ideas and tips about crafting with neckties.


Oh my gosh…..

It’s been crazy for me the last few weeks. I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll start with the job.

I had an interview about 2 weeks ago for a graphic design position with Whole Foods Market. I got it and started this week. When I checked my email I was welcomed with a gift from regional. A new sign package that needed to be up and done by the following Monday (that’s in 2 days). Well nothing like hitting the ground running. I love being back in this store, with all the people I work with and feeling complete again with my career.

The next bit of exciting news was a welcome surprise and I couldn’t believe I found out about this when I got this job. I’m pregnant! I found out for sure from the doctor last week. We have ultrasounds and everything. I’m 11 weeks and feeling so much better then the first. No morning sickness, I’m tired but at night when the day is ending. I tend to just go to bed much earlier. My appetite is different. I eat what I’m in the mood for and sometimes I’m not in the mood for what’s for dinner but I eat it anyway. I just love the fact that I’m not throwing up like I was when I was in my first trimester with Rhys. Thank you little one.

Last night I went to a Partylite party at my neighbor’s house and found out a little bit more about the consulting aspect of it. I found out that there was no start-up cost. Steve never really liked the idea of me doing it again (I was a Creative Memories consultant a few years ago) if I had to fork over a lot of money to get started. With Partylite it’s not like that and it’s possible for me to do something fun, support my candle habit and also make some extra money that I plan on hiding away for family vacations or even Christmas next year. So on November 8th I’m hosting a party at my sister-in-law’s and my Partylite mentor Rachel is going to help me by asking my guests to book a party with me so I can earn my starter kit (rather then fork over the money right away).

So that’s what’s been going on around here. I’m in the process of getting my hosting set up so you will see this website with a lot more personal touches. I plant on showcasing my blog, etsy show and now my Partylite info. I can’t wait and I really am geared up. Now if I could just get over getting so tired so early I might be able to get back into the sewing room I spent all the time cleaning up.

See ya soon!