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Where has the time gone….

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Sorry for not being around here lately. I finished off a tough week at work. The work load wasn’t that bag I was given a tough decision to make and it’s really making me wonder where I belong.

Friday night I had a jewelry party. My neighbors, step-mother Nancy and Cousin Erin came over to try on jewelry and chat it up. I liked how low key it was.

Yesterday I helped my brother Brian and his wife Sara move into their new house. It’s a really nice 1st house for them. Since we were busy with that Rhys didn’t get a proper nap and I spent the rest of the night calming him down..well putting him in bed. He needed it.

But my biggest distraction from the blog is getting my new Facebook account set up. For the longest time I wanted to get on board but I didn’t have a college email address but then my cousin told me about it and I went bonkers. I didn’t realize that there are a ton more people I used to go to school with members of this over Myspace. Plus I love all the cool applications they have and the fact that I don’t have to waste time designing the layout of my Facebook page. I can just add fun stuff like my flair board. Anyone remember Office Space where Jen Aniston’s character had to have flair on her vest? Well I was able to make my own flair.  I made one for Devore Jones Designs and then sent it off to my friends to show some love.

Ok, it’s the day before my birthday. Steve is doing his chores as I type this  and then we are going to go out to lunch since Steve will be at work tomorrow and Rhys will be at daycare. I’m going to have a mommy day tomorrow and maybe go out to dinner for my b-day.


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