The title says enough!

I finally figured it out….

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I was at work today putting some signs together and realized that I need to redo my craft room at home. Right now I’m using an ironing board to cut out patterns and piecing projects together. I have a shelving unit I salvaged from the trash for a place to store my fabric and a 6′ banquet table for my sewing. That’s not going to work for me. I need something a little more concrete.

So this is what I was thinking….

I’ll use my banquet table as my production table. I want to raise it so it’s at my waist (the one I have at work is like that and I love it). Then I want to get a table from Ikea for a stable place the sew and work on crafts. Some storage in the closet to put supplies and fabric or roll out units that store under the tables and something for the desktop for those quick grab items I use often.

This is a new goal and I hope to achieve it by the new year. Right now I have to get inventory up for my “Purse Party” that I want to have after Thanksgiving.


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