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Time off and a new Bag

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I took some time off from the computer, sewing and work (accept for Sunday) and spent some quality time with my son Rhys. Steve had to work all weekend so Rhys and I had Saturday to play and finally get that one-on-one time that I have been craving. I even got a nap out of the deal as well. Friday I spent most of the day running errands and because that took longer then I wanted instead of sewing I read Breaking Dawn for 2 hours before going to get Rhys from daycare.

So on to other stuff. I finished a bag that I started last week. It’s going to replace a red one that was one of my first bags that I made. I stopped at the handle(s) but ended up only doing one. Tonight I put all the pieces together.  Now that I have worn it on my shoulder I will already be revamping to two black cotton webbing straps since I don’t have any more material. It’s too wide to really work with only one strap.

I made this bag from an old pair of jeans that I loved but had to say good-bye (it made my rear look great)and some really cool batik that looks like bubbles. I used the two back pockets as for the outside pockets and some of the back legs as inside pockets. I think once I fix the handle I’m going to really fall in love. it’s much larger and accommodate Rhys’ stuff if I have to.


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