The title says enough!

A 2 year-old and a Sharpie, pt 2


A few months back I posted about Rhys finding one of my sharpie’s and making his mark (see post here). Well I found the pictures of the 2nd incident that happened when I was at work about a month ago. Steve was getting ready  4 a trip up to Pasadena and Rhys some how found another sharpie and did worse then before in our bedroom.  It took three passes to get it looking better but I never saw these pictures until I looked on my camera’s memory tonight.


2 thoughts on “A 2 year-old and a Sharpie, pt 2

  1. Oh, that’s my nightmare! Zoey uses sharpies occasionally for drawing but she’s never drawn on anything other than paper, thank goodness. There’s a picture out there in cyber space of a little girl with her baby sister and the baby is covered in black sharpie. It makes me shudder everytime I see it.

  2. We can’t have any pens out at all. I let Rhys drawn with a pencil or crayons.

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