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I really don’t have much going on today. I sent out Sister Diane’s package today (via USPS Priority Mail), worked and now I’m just stopping by with my daily post.

I was creative last night and finally came to a happy place with the look of my blog. I wanted to incorporate Devore Jones Designs and my family all in the same place. So I made the blog all white and created a banner in Photoshop with a lot of color. I really liked how it came out and now I can stop obsessing about the way my blog looks.

It’s 9pm and I’m hunting around eBay for my next Japanese Craft book. I haven’t received the first one yet (hopefully Thursday or Friday) but I’m eager to get another one. Still gearing towards bags, purses and accessories.

I also thought up a new design for a back sack. There is going to be two different versions. The first is going to have two handles like a backpack and the second is going to have one. I’m going to market the single  handle back sack as “biker friendly” since I work with a lot of people who either bike or walk to work. But with all the types of fabric (quilted, canvas, patchwork) I have planned for this back sack each one is going stand out to the person who sees it as something they want. I sketched out my idea in my idea book and now I’m going to play around with what I have leftover of the fabric samples my Mom sent me as well as other fabric I have stashed on my self. I’ll post pictures when I complete the prototype.

Oh, BTW did everyone else receive their IKEA 2009 Catalog in this Sunday’s paper? Check!

I’m off to read Breaking Dawn (the 4th book in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer) and to bed by 10pm. I’ve stayed up late the last few nights and it’s starting to catch up with me.

Until tomorrow.


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