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The Craft Room is CLEAN!!!

I did it. I started this morning and had to take a break while Rhys napped because at that point I was ready to vaccum before bring everything back in and staging the room the way I wanted it.

Here are some before and after pictures:



I decided to set up two areas. The sewing area and the prep and production area not only for sewing but for other crafts.

I took the doors of the closet off because they were getting in the way from gaining access to stuff in the closet. I like the open feel. I don’t really care about hiding things. This room is sooo small to begin with that I had to take the boxes of fabric and put them under the production table. I plan on getting risers for that table so I don’t have to work sitting down all the time.


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It’s the perfect weather for crafting but…

It’s raining this morning here in El Cajon, CA and it’s perfect crafting weather. Set up iTunes with the latest editions of crafting or comedy podcasts and start creating….

But my crafting room is in shambles and there is no way I could get anything done with out organizing first.

I received a free table from my brother that I can use for my sewing machine and serger and then the current table I use for my machines will be my production table/storage unit.  I have so much fabric to go through that my mom sent me. I have boxes that I picked up to separate all these fabric samples for certain projects (totes, patchwork, pouches, clutches, etc.). Once I get the floor cleared I have to clean out the closet (just the floor which is already organized) to put my bookshelf in there so I can have the floor space for production.

I’ll take before and after pictures but with all that I already been doing this morning (cleaning the kitchen and laundry) I have been planning out in my head what I want to do to really get Devore Jones Designs off the ground. I’m determined to do it.

Rhys is home with me (feeling a bit under the weather watching The Incredibles right now)  while Steve is celebrating his birthday early. Today is the first day of College football and he’s over at a local Ohio State Buckeye Alumni Bar watching the game. Then he’s going to come home and watch more games.

Oh, on a positive note regarding DJD, I bought the domain name last night for $7. The hosting plan that I want is going to be a while. I have to raise $$ for that. It’s a WordPress platform that will allow me to add many more plugins and really integrate this site with my etsy shop, etc.

Enough with the blabbing. I gotta clean. I’ll post an update on my progress later today. 

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A belated birthday gift from Mom

I got my birthday gift today from my mom via UPS. I knew what it was but boy was I surprised with all the goodies. Not only did I get some more fabric samples (which are patchwork worthy) I got some more jeans to refresh into new items and to top it all off I got an awesome book of new bag ideas and a few back issues of Nancy’s Notions.  THANKS MOM!!



The book is called “Simply Sublime Bags: 30 No-Sew, Low-Sew projects”  by Jodi Kahn.





I’m really excited about this book and all the fabric my Mom sent. I have plenty of fabric now to get my inventory started. WOOOHOOO!!!!!

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The "30" Club

Today on this day 30 years a girl was born. That girl was me. 

It has been a quite day to myself. I got up around 7:45 to my alarm that is in the form of a 2 1/2 year old. Dropped Rhys off at daycare and then stopped on the way home at Jamba Juice for my favorite Acai Super-antioxidant and a apple cinnamon pretzel.

I sat on the couch for about an hour figuring out what we needed from the grocery store and just relaxed before hopping into the shower. Places around here don’t open until 9-10am. I didn’t want to be the one waiting outside for a place to open.

My first task was to head over to JoAnn Fabric to pick up my birthday gift. OMG I was soooooo excited that I decided on this because I originally wanted a new digital camera but since I’m waiting for the iPhone in February and Steve has a really awesome camera on his phone this was by far a very close 2nd choice. Ok, you ready…..


The only serger I have been able to use before making this purchase is my friend Melissa’s. With her busy life and mine it was getting harder and harder to get together and sew let alone hangout. She is my crafting better-half . So I was super happy to get one of these for my own. Now I can finish my reusable grocery bags all in one sitting and really cut corners with this new addition to my crafting family.

BTW, I love the Singer brand. When I opened the box to tackle the threading of this bad boy, I was remembering all those times my friend Melissa would go through the task of threading her machine. I was a little scared but was surprised to find that the machine was already threaded with 4 small spools of white thread. There was even a piece of fabric for testing. I still too the time to go through the manual while I ate lunch but I’m forever loyal to Singer. They make a great product.

Here is the complete family;

I’m just sooooo happy that in the just over a year of sewing I was able to acquire a sewing machine for Christmas and now a serger for my birthday present. I like to thank my loving husband and parents for their financial contributions to this very happy day.

After I got some more supplies (serger thread and a ruler) I headed over to the local nail salon to get a mani/pedi. It was so nice. To complete the morning I did some grocery shopping. I find it easier to do it by myself because (#1) I don’t get as much and (#2) there isn’t more then one person adding to the basket with impulse items.

The day isn’t over. I still have what my husband as planned for this evening to still encounter. I’ll add the details to that tomorrow. I just had to show off my birthday present.


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Where has the time gone….

Sorry for not being around here lately. I finished off a tough week at work. The work load wasn’t that bag I was given a tough decision to make and it’s really making me wonder where I belong.

Friday night I had a jewelry party. My neighbors, step-mother Nancy and Cousin Erin came over to try on jewelry and chat it up. I liked how low key it was.

Yesterday I helped my brother Brian and his wife Sara move into their new house. It’s a really nice 1st house for them. Since we were busy with that Rhys didn’t get a proper nap and I spent the rest of the night calming him down..well putting him in bed. He needed it.

But my biggest distraction from the blog is getting my new Facebook account set up. For the longest time I wanted to get on board but I didn’t have a college email address but then my cousin told me about it and I went bonkers. I didn’t realize that there are a ton more people I used to go to school with members of this over Myspace. Plus I love all the cool applications they have and the fact that I don’t have to waste time designing the layout of my Facebook page. I can just add fun stuff like my flair board. Anyone remember Office Space where Jen Aniston’s character had to have flair on her vest? Well I was able to make my own flair.  I made one for Devore Jones Designs and then sent it off to my friends to show some love.

Ok, it’s the day before my birthday. Steve is doing his chores as I type this  and then we are going to go out to lunch since Steve will be at work tomorrow and Rhys will be at daycare. I’m going to have a mommy day tomorrow and maybe go out to dinner for my b-day.