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A new bag

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Last night I had an opportunity to get some sewing done. I started an idea book and one of those ideas happened after I was cleaning up a bit and found that I had 6 pairs of jeans sitting on the floor next to the box that has all the fabric samples my Mom sent me. Since I was done for now going through all those samples I was ready for a new project and in a good place to try out one of these ideas.

In my fabric stash I have been purchasing 1/2 yards online and getting them in the reminent piles where ever I go shop and realized that I have acquired a nice pile. In fact I just got 3 more 1/2 yards in today from some a place I forgot about. Anyway I decided to combine the 1/2 yards with the jeans to make simple totes.

The first test subject was an old pair of my step-mother’s black jeans that she doesn’t fit into anymore (too big for her now). I also have about 1/2 yard left of a red floral fabric that I used for my coin purses. I cut off the legs of the jeans just below the knees and cut out the seam and inserted a strip of the floral patter. I cut one of the back pockets out of the jeans and used that as a pocket on the outside. I would have added more but the bag was on the smaller side. The lining is the floral fabric with no pockets. I didn’t have enough of the floral fabric and I honestly didn’t want to add any pockets. This was just my test subject.

For this being an actual result of an idea that I had I really liked out it turned out. I think for next time I’ll use cotton webbing when it seems fit (i.e. colors match, etc) for the handles in case I don’t have enough fabric. I could use the jeans now that I think about it and I might if it fits. I just determine that during the bag making process since each pair of jeans are a different size from the previous pair.





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