The title says enough!

Can’t Sleep…my mind is on overdrive.

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Things are getting better at work. I’m starting to get feedback from my fellow team members on how my presence has made a difference in my position. That makes me feel good. J as been getting used to be being there. 3 day weekends seem to be a favorite. Hopefully it will stop. I’m afraid to make plans to find that they have been ruined. Done once already and will not get myself in a position to let it happen again. I ran in to Dave today. It was good to see him. He was on vacation when I left LAJ so it was unfinished business. Just wanted to say thanks in person. He seemed to look sad. It was good to see him.  I even ran into others from LAJ (and I didn’t believe it when people told me that I would). Josette, Jane, Lisa, Jeni, kellie, Miguel, Gladys (Love the hair!), Peter, Travis (that was a nice surprise), Davis ( a few times. I will miss here when she goes to school) and nicole (btw, looking rather pretty these days). I missed seeing Fabian on Sunday. his g/f is really nice and I like talking with her. Lucky guy. In fact the FE is really starting to become more familiar to me. No matter what, starting at a new WFM will always be a better transition then expected because of all the nice people that work there.  I miss Anna the most. I consider  her a great sounding board when I want to get my thoughts straightened out. I liked hashing it out even when it was for me or for her. I liked listening to music when we worked. I miss Steve’s, Jason’s, Julio’s and Juan’s bear hugs.  I miss Carrie and Fatima. I hope things with Carrie’s personal life are going ok. I didn’t get to say “see ya later” to those girls either.

This is what’s going on in my head. A bunch of thoughts. Literally.

Now that I’m approaching 30 there are still a few things that I want to do. These are the things that I feel should have happened in this span of time. All the other stuff that I want to do is good for 30 and beyond.  Ask me in person and I’ll give the details.

Now, I must attempt to get some sleep. I still have to work tomorrow.


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