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Things have been crazy around the Jones household. Now that I have been at work full time things have changed in pace. Steve helps out a lot more with picking up or dropping Rhys off at daycare. I work later but still get home in  time to eat dinner with the boys. It’s more of Steve now then me. I have been aware that I don’t jump like I used too because I’ll admit that I like not having to do everything, but that ended when Steve  got frustrated. Now I’m paying more attention.

This past weekend and this week is going to be busy. My Aunt and Uncle are in town visiting from Ohio. It’s been fun and going way too fast.

I have to stop for now. I’m so tired that it was hard for me to type this much.



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Can’t Sleep…my mind is on overdrive.

Things are getting better at work. I’m starting to get feedback from my fellow team members on how my presence has made a difference in my position. That makes me feel good. J as been getting used to be being there. 3 day weekends seem to be a favorite. Hopefully it will stop. I’m afraid to make plans to find that they have been ruined. Done once already and will not get myself in a position to let it happen again. I ran in to Dave today. It was good to see him. He was on vacation when I left LAJ so it was unfinished business. Just wanted to say thanks in person. He seemed to look sad. It was good to see him.  I even ran into others from LAJ (and I didn’t believe it when people told me that I would). Josette, Jane, Lisa, Jeni, kellie, Miguel, Gladys (Love the hair!), Peter, Travis (that was a nice surprise), Davis ( a few times. I will miss here when she goes to school) and nicole (btw, looking rather pretty these days). I missed seeing Fabian on Sunday. his g/f is really nice and I like talking with her. Lucky guy. In fact the FE is really starting to become more familiar to me. No matter what, starting at a new WFM will always be a better transition then expected because of all the nice people that work there.  I miss Anna the most. I consider  her a great sounding board when I want to get my thoughts straightened out. I liked hashing it out even when it was for me or for her. I liked listening to music when we worked. I miss Steve’s, Jason’s, Julio’s and Juan’s bear hugs.  I miss Carrie and Fatima. I hope things with Carrie’s personal life are going ok. I didn’t get to say “see ya later” to those girls either.

This is what’s going on in my head. A bunch of thoughts. Literally.

Now that I’m approaching 30 there are still a few things that I want to do. These are the things that I feel should have happened in this span of time. All the other stuff that I want to do is good for 30 and beyond.  Ask me in person and I’ll give the details.

Now, I must attempt to get some sleep. I still have to work tomorrow.