The title says enough!

A few days later…


The Joneses have been home now for almost a week and it’s been nice getting home. It’s also hard to get back into the regular routine.

When we left Ohio to come home we were thinking that it was going to be as quick as it was when we flew over. One the way home we stopped in Denver, expecting a short lay over but boy were we wrong. We were surprised to see that we had a 4 hour lay over due to weather. Our plane was caught up in it in Newark and then again in Chicago. So imagine spending 4 hours in an airport with a 2 year old. Thank goodness it was the evening. We had dinner and walked around for a bit. I even found an upstairs shopping area at the airport. There I found three large vendor carts that you see at the mall with the largest selection of Croc shoes that I have ever seen. The only time I see Crocs are at Joann Fabric. I learned that Crocs originated out of Colorado so it made sense that they had such a huge selection. So, I tried on a few pairs and found a few that I might consider to buy. I’ll just go to the website and get them.

As the flights were starting to wind down for the day, we found an empty corner, pulled out the laptop computer and put on a movie for Rhys. We were hoping there would be some changes with our flight but we weren’t that lucky. Then when it was too late there was another flight to San Diego that filled up quickly with passengers from our flight and we missed out on that opportunity to get hom a few hours early. I had a feeling that the movie wouldn’t occupy Rhys the whole time and he found a new game with the people movers they have up and down the terminal we were waiting in. I think Steve and I both did about 10-15 laps back and forth with Rhys. By the end of that he had masted getting off and on the moving floors.

So instead of getting home around 9:30-10pm that night we got home at 2am. After getting settled with what we had the energy to do, get Rhys ready for bed and then ourselves for bed, we all finally fell asleep at 3am. Thank goodness for giving ourselves a few days to recuperate before going back to work.

My Mother’s Day was an unexpected surprise. Since we were on vacation I really wasn’t expecting anything. The day before Steve asked me if I wanted a computer of my own. That’s been something I have been wanting for a while. He handed me a flyer with a Mother’s Day special at Rent-a-Center where we got out washer and dryer. I noticed that they had laptops and they had one that I liked so I called the nearest location to us and they just happened to have one more in stock. At 5:45pm I ran out the door to get it and was home by 6:15pm with my new computer. So all day Sunday I spent cleaning out the laptop we both used and setup my new computer. I love it and it was a really nice surprise.

For pictures, go check out my myspace page. I have uploaded all of them there.


2 thoughts on “A few days later…

  1. I cannot check out the pics cause I don’t have a myspace account, sad… Sounds like you had quite the adventure. I like the pic of you on your myspace its really good!

  2. ooohh FYI I am going to be in SD the last week of june beginning of July if you want to connect let me know.

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