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leaving on a jet plane…..

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So it’s t-minus 6 hours before the Joneses leave for Ohio. 10 days we will be gone. I look forward to it but this is one of those trips that when I get back I start a new with my career. My last day at Whole Foods Market, La Jolla was Sunday. The day was as typical with the great interaction with customers as well as spending time with great co-workers as any Sunday, but it went by too fast. I was able to take pictures with my kick-ass camera on my cellphone so I have some memories to take with me.

It really hasn’t gotten to me that I’m starting a new position (still with Whole Foods Market, this time Hillcrest). It’s really not a new position since it’s something that I’m fully trained in. It’s a new store, my 4th WFM. I don’t think it’s going to sink in when I’m trying to look for parking and I walk into that office. Or maybe it will when I call and check in to see what my schedule is.

My thoughts are racing right now and the funny thing it’s not about what I might be forgetting for my trip. It’s the excitement of what’s to come.

I better go to sleep. I’ll post updates as the trip goes on.


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