The title says enough!

one lucky b*tch!

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This week has been quite interesting. Tuesday I did my usual routine. I got up, got Rhys and I ready for the day, dropped off Rhys at daycare and then headed to work. As I’m getting out of the car I notice that I don’t have my wedding rings on. So I reach into my pocket like I have for the last 6 years since I have had my engagement ring/wedding ring and notice that I only have my wedding ring. I don’t freak out at first because I could have left it on the counter in our bathroom or it’s just sitting on the seat in my car.

I have about 10 minutes before I have to clock in for work so I head back to my car and look around for my ring. This task is going to be easy since Steve just cleaned out my car. As I open the door I notice it’s not on the seat or on the floor. No worries I’ll call Steve since he’s still home and have him check to see if in fact I left it on the counter. I call and he says it’s not there. But still not to worry because I had to change Rhys’ shirt twice today because he threw up (still a bit under the weather from a cold) so it could be on the floor in my living room. 

Well I guess that’s all I can do for now. My 10 minutes are up and I have to clock in for work. As I count my drawer and talk to my supervisor about my morning I realize; “Oh crap, what happens if I actually lost it?”, “Will Steve be mad that I lost my diamond engagement ring?” I try not to get to engrossed with my thoughts before I realize that there is one more possible place that it could have fallen out of my pocket. My daycare provider’s house. I did drop off Rhys this morning. So I call her and ask if she can look. I describe where I parked and the path I walked to the front door. She said she would be happy to do it.

Ok, all possible places have been checked and now it’s just a matter of waiting.

Now when something like this happens to me I tend to talk everyone’s ear off about it. The frist 2 hours of my shift my regular customers come through my line to grab breakfast and/or lunch for the day. Most of them heard about my situation as well as co-workers who asked me how I was doing today. They allllll heard about it.

2 hours later I get my first break of the day. I notice there is a message on my cellphone and quickly go outside to check it. It’s Pat, my daycare provider. SHE FOUND IT!!!!!! I shouted a loud WOOOHOOOOO and immediately felt a sign of relief.

The rest of my shift I was one happy camper and still continued to tell my story this time ending it with “I’m one lucky b*tch!”. 

When I arrived at Pat’s house to get Rhys I came equipped with a fruit tart from work to say thanks for finding my ring and when I saw her she said that as soon as she got off the phone with me she went outside and immediately found it. The sun had come out and was shining on my ring. She said that she noticed it sparkling there on her driveway. 

Even though this was a scary situation I’m not going to make drastic changes to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I’m just not going to put my rings in my front pockets. They are going in my deep back pockets. I usually do that but this particular morning was different since Rhys was sick.

Man, I’m one lucky b*tch.


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