The title says enough!

a 2 year-old and a sharpie


We let Rhys go upstairs and play all the time and really don’t worry since there isn’t anything for him to get into. Well that has changed now that he can get into my sewing room. He got in earlier today and played with the videos on the shelf, no big deal. But tonight while Steve and I were finishing up watching ER from last night we noticed it had been too quiet upstairs and wondered what he might be doing.

As Steve and I get to the top of the stairs we were greeted with a little boy with a sharpie in his hand with the top off. Here are some pictures:

The suspect:




The table in my sewing room
The wall outside my sewing room
The wall, dresser and picture of his Grandparents in him room.

The widow sill where we think he spent most of his time due to the amount of markings.

All clean:

This was a laugh out loud situation. But as I was giving Rhys a bath and Steve was cleaning off the marker we couldn’t help but notice that Rhys was wearing a different pair of shorts from when he came upstairs to play after dinner. We think he took off his jean shorts and put on his green ones and then went crazy with the sharpie. He has been trying to put his clothes on my himself for a while now but were amazed that he may have finally gotten the concept tonight.

What a way to spend a Friday night.



4 thoughts on “a 2 year-old and a sharpie

  1. Oh wow he really went all out! We’ve had a similar experience, but thankfully they were washable markers in our case. Are you having any success getting the permanent marker off the wall?

  2. Yeah, I think we caught it in time that removing it was really easy. The only part that seemed to give my husband trouble was the window sill. He has this orange de-greaser that he used with some elbow grease to get it off (as well as a few layers of paint).

  3. Hmmm so this is my future! Hide all the markers!!! Have to admit that your boy is adorable even if he is covered in sharpie!

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