The title says enough!

An opportunity…

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I found out Saturday that there was a position at another SD WFM location that falls right into my ideal career. After some much appreciated “good words” from co-workers and my persistence I got an interview. It’s Thursday and I’m really into research mode right now.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t really been sleeping good the last few nights.

Rhys has been sick that last few days. Fever, vomiting, lack of appetite, etc. Steve has been a saint taking care of him since I have been having to get up early for work. When I got home today Rhys greeted me as usual at the door but he surprised me with¬†his little “Barry White” voice from all the congestion in his chest. I don’t know why but no matter the state of my son, sick or well, he’s just so damn cute.

I better hit the hay. Another early day and then the finishing touches on my presentation for my interview.


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