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New Look

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Hi everyone.

I found a new blog because I was able to include my Devore Jones Designs as well as my family stuff. I was going to have two different blogs but I found that to me really annoying to have yet another site to update so I’m combining both and just posting it all here. I’ll delete my blogger blog and take away links that I have on my two myspace pages and just make my life easier.

Grocery BagsSo what have I been up to lately. Well… I have been sewing like a mad woman. I just finished a really nice diaper bag for a co-worker and now I’m working on my reusable grocery bag inventory for my etsy shop. I even joined an etsy group that will allow me to bounce ideas off and even just have that support with out having to spend money on advertising. I’ve got other ideas for that as well…advertising that is.  I’m also making a lot of coin purses or what I call the “back-pocket wallet”. I got the idea for this because I was tired of taking out my discount card and bank card and having them loose in my apron. So when I made these and my

co-workers caught wind of my making these I now have a lot of them using my purses.

I’m going to stop for now. I’m still getting used to this setup but I’m finding that I like it with all the discoveries I find.

It was a worth while move. Thanks Mrs. Shook!


One thought on “New Look

  1. I like WordPress a lot its got great functionality. I am glad you are pleased!!!Your bags are very cute by the way!

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