The title says enough!

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Checking In

Hi Guys,

I just finished up with school. My last class took up all the free time I had so I wasn’t able to really sew like I wanted to the last 2 weeks. But school is now over and I have completed 4 bags and I’m half way done with two more bags. When I get them finished I will open the boutique. I’m really excited and I can’t wait.

I’ll check in later.


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A New Bag

OK, remember yesterday when I told you about a new bag that I was making. Well I finished it tonight and it turned out sooooo cool.

Halloween inspired me to make it and when I saw it at the fabric store I couldn’t pass up the deal. It’s skull and cross bones denim for the outside and cute skeletons for the lining. I made it a standard tote. No inside pockets and one handle and there is a magnetic clasp.

Here are some pictures.

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Heads up!

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m in the process of making some bags that I think are going to turn out really cute. They were inspired by Halloween (don’t worry, no cheesiness here. It’s actually going to be cute). When I finish, I’ll post pictures and get them up in the shop so two lucky buyers can walk around town with this new kick ass bag.

Until then…..

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Working Hard

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since my first post but I have been busy with work, school, life and building my inventory for Devore Jones Boutique.

I just finished my first two bags for the shop and I’m excited because now that I have the pattern in the works there is room for improvements. Not large ones but enough to make the bags durable. Actually only one change to the handles. I had this batch too close together.

Before these two bags were completed I was working on some special requests. One was for my cousin which I mentioned before and the other for my mother-in-law. The one I made for my mother-in-law was supposed to be a easy quilt design but instead turned into a patch work bag which really turned out cool. I even had tons of fabric left over for a pouch for her smaller items. I’ll post pictures soon.

So in other news, I have been buying fat quarters when JoAnn Fabric have been having their sales lately and I have a few now to start working on the next idea for the Shop. It’s going to be a small wallet for those times where you don’t want to take a purse for a few errands or even just to have your hands free. Once I figure out a pattern I’m going to make a few test items with some left over fabric and I’ll post for comments here and at Craftster.

ok, It’s time to go. I’ll post those pictures soon.