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The First Blog


Now that I have the idea, the shop and now the blog open it’s time to get creating. I purchased all the supplies for my resin creations except for two molds that I’m waiting to arrive. Now it’s just a matter of sitting down and getting all the pieces I have thought up to come to life. I decided to start off by doing some pendants for some friends and family of their children. My cousin Stephanie has requested a “simple tote” from me and I thought I surprise her with an addition gift. I’m not going to say because she might read this and then the surprise will be spoiled.

Speaking of “simple tote”, that’s going to be one of the first sections of my etsy shop. I found a pattern that I really liked and tried it out on a new bag that I use most of the time (when I’m not with my son). I love it and decided to created a line of these bags with small coin/wallet/place for all the small things purse. That along with my resin pieces are going to open the shop up. Once I get the ball rolling I will roll out other creations that have been crammed into my head.

Check back often because I plan in using this as a place to show off things that I put in the shop and things that I have made for family and friends.